Eleanor wakes up after a terrible car crash. Only to find things very different.

This is another Horror short from Director Liam Banks. Made in 24 hours for film competition this short film shows would be directors that a well written plot doesn't need hours of footage or to break the bank with special effects to get across the message.

The film opens with the main character, Eleanor, played by Esme Matthews re gaining consciousness after being involved in a car accident. Without time to digest the situation she finds herself in, a reject from The Walking Dead is banging on her window trying to get some of those sweet brains. Without going into more spoilerific territory I will say that how this was made in 24 hours baffles me. I have tried to get less people than this organised for something much simpler and it was hell!

Clocking in at just over the three minute mark, I would urge everyone to give this a watch. I'm not usually impressed by zombies (more of a vampire guy) but this is a nice original take on the genre. I would actually like to see this plot played out as a feature length piece. Bravo!

-TF Ryan