Hide & Seek

A chilling tale from Superfreak Media to end your year with....

The latest short from the team at Superfreak Media was released just in time for the holidays. Now I can finally post my review of "Hide & Seek".

As with everything from the East Midlands based outfit, I was really impressed with how much could be done within such a limited time to portray the sense of helplessness I think this short was aiming for.

The film starts in a forest with, as you might guess, a man is playing hide and seek with someone (presumably a child as he mentions later). I'll try not to spoil much as I encourage you to go watch the short, but what I gathered from this piece struck a chord with me. The idea of a purgatory and not being able to effect the outcome of a series of incidents is something that chills me and can keep me awake at nights.

The cinematography for the short is quite well done by Jonathan Butler as it can't have been easy to get a good clear shot amongst all those trees and uneven ground. I do think the terrain of the shoot worked extremely well to get across a sense of unpredictability.

"Hide & Seek" stars Matt Barker and given there isn't (really) anyone else for him to interact with I was impressed by how he was able to characterise the theme with his expressions and his urgency throughout the film.

Lastly, the sound design in "Hide & Seek" is really well done. The contrast between the creepy forest and the music playing when Matt's character put on his headphones worked really well. When the music is over the natural sounds of the forest are complimented with a minimalist piece of music which fulfils its purpose perfectly, showing again that you don't need expensive and complicated scores to set a scene.

Overall, I really enjoyed "Hide & Seek" and again, with almost every short created by Superfreak Media, I would love to see what could be done if it was adapted into a feature length film. 

-TF Ryan