Helen a strange noise upstairs and heads to the attic. She'll wish she hadn't!

When I seen that Director Liam Banks' horror short "Ganger" clocked in at around four minutes long, I was fearing I would struggle to find words to write a piece about the film. Not the case thankfully.

As with all my reviews I will try my best not to include spoilers or give away plots too much. My first impression of the short was that it was going to be very anticlimactic but as the piece played out I was shocked and surprised by how much storytelling could be put into such a short space of time. Kudos to Mr Banks"

The film uses some lovely shots when Helen, (played by Charlie Clarke) goes upstairs to her attic to investigate a loud noise she hears while relaxing with a cup of tea. In my past life as a paranormal investigator I had a thing for long corridors and winding hallways and staircases, (I don't know why...they just creep me out!), so the angles that are used when Helen is climbing the stairs definitely built the suspense and anticipation for me.

Then in the final scene, which plays out over the space of about a minute, the entire piece is drawn together and the penny finally drops as to what has happened. The visuals of this scene are expertly done using shadow and low lighting to increase the tension and still not give anything away until the last second of the film.

In my opinion the best part of "Ganger" is the background music. Subtle chords and notes played in the background just to highlight and intensify the different shots just goes to show that you do not need a full orchestra and full composition to be effective.

A very entertaining 4 minutes.

-TF Ryan